Saturday, October 01, 2005

-The End-

I started a blog so that i could write about my feelings and such things that i don't mention to my friends at school.

But, you see, once i started this blog, i couldn't help boasting about it to my friends.

So now a couple of my friends know the existence of this blog. I can't talk-or write-freely anymore without worrying that someone from my school will read it.

I gave it some tought and i decided that the best way is to end this blog.

I am still writing. Only anonymously on another blog. I don't mind anyone online reading about my most intimate secrets/fears whatever as long as they don't know me in person.

Don't think i'll delete this whole blog though. There're lots of memories collected here.

If somehow, which i think is highly unlikely, anyone at all would like to keep on reading about my life, feel free to leave a comment or email me and i'll tell you my new blog address.

And lastly, thanks to all who left comments on this blog before, and those anonys who support my blog. I really appreciate it even tough i have no idea who the hell you are ;P