Sunday, August 21, 2005

Worst exam disease

Why is it that when exam is approaching, i tend to waste my time more than when there are no exams?

It's like, i can spend 2 hours online every normal day, and on some occasions i felt like i've seen everything on the net or just ran out of anything better to do online, during off-peak seasons.

And then when exam is just around the corner, i got hooked on this and that. Just when i thought i have finished those, i accidentally spotted another and so on and so on.

You know, i registered with YouTube a month ago and it was damn boring i never visit the site again, until now. Now when its packed with thousands of videos and i can't help telling myself 'this is the last one'.

What do you call this freaking weird habit? I dunno. But you wouldn't want to mess with it, especially if you're already procastinating like mad.

Wish i could do something about it.