Thursday, August 11, 2005

Teacher nearly left because of my birthday

Kinda lazy to update my blog these few days.

Yesterday my birthday.

And it sucks big time.


A teacher got pissed off.... because of my birthday.

You heard it right the first time.

You see, it was Chinese lesson. Like always, more than half the class were mindin their own business. You know, sleeping, chatting, doing homework... the usual stuff.

Then my friends decided to sing me a birthday song, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LESSON.

I warned them. But they didn't listen.

So it turned out the teacher was pissed because they didn't even asked for permission to sing the birthday song.

And then the teacher said she will not step into our class anymore if we continue to ignore her during Chinese lessons.

Should i wish i've never been born?

Just kidding ;)