Saturday, August 13, 2005

T-Rex: Back to Cretaceous and Haunted Castle 3D Movie Marathon

Went for the free movie marathon at IMAX in Berjaya Times Square today. Two 3D movies back-to-back, with a 15 minutes interval between T-Rex: Back to Cretaceous and Haunted Castle 3D.

They're giving out 500 complimentary movie passes to OCBC card holders. So dad brought me there along, saving RM60 movie tickets' price. In addition, we were entitled to a cold hot dog and a drink each.

Movie started at 11.00 A.M.

Maybe i was setting my hopes a bit too high. The movies i mean.

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You see, the t-rex movie. I was kinda hoping it'll be something like the Walking With Dinosaurs, maybe better because it's in 3D.

You know, lots of dinosaurs walking around... T-Rex roaring in your face, threatening to eat you up... I thought it will be documentary-like, narrations in the background.

But no.

Quoting from the official website:
16 year old Ally Hayden is about to go on a remarkable pre-historic adventure!

When Ally, the daughter of Paleontologist Dr. Donald Hayden accidently disturbs a very special fossil egg, she is magically transported back 65 million years to the Cretaceous Period!

So that late-twenties-looking-woman is actually 16. Hmm...

Well, the movie focuses more on Ally than the T-Rex. You see a lot of close-ups of Ally, her expressions, some scenes in the museum, her dad... And the scenes with T-Rexes? A few flashes and a pretty lame roar looking at the fact that they are claiming "16 amplifiers generate more than 12,000 watts of power, not volume, to provide the audience with life-like sound".

They could do better.

Dad said it the storyline was a bit off the track. The magically transported back thingy... I'm okay with the plot. A bit imagination never hurts.

But they can do way better than this with modern technology.

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The Haunted Castle 3D movie is more to the fantasy genre. It's about, well, ghosts.

There's this guy ghost from the movie which acts something of a guide to Johnny, the main character. I dunno. He looks sorta futuristic kind of ghost to me. I thought ghosts should look ancient, old fashioned. I half expected to see boosters on the back of this particular ghost.

Anyway, wouldn't spend RM15 on an adult ticket to watch another, if you ask me. If you wanna watch it, take it more like experiencing the 3D effect rather than watching a movie.

Step aside from the two movies, they showed a couple of Coming-Soons before the movie started. There's this Space Station 3D that looks quite interesting, for a space buff like me. Might worth the RM15.

-Pics from IMAX site-