Saturday, August 06, 2005

I'm a Star Wars Winner!

Guess what turned up when i googled my own name?

Star Wars Winners!

Congratulations, you have won Star Wars books courtesy of MPH Distributors.

Consolation Prize

Vivian Eng Jing Lin

*Your prizes will be sent to you within the next 2 months*

Did you see what i see?

Really, they didn't notify me in anyway. No phone calls, no snail mail, no email...

In fact, i would have never knew about this if i didn't
tangan gatal go and google my own name.

Muahahaha! This is the first thing i've won from the net! Will it arrive next week, sometime around my birthday on Wednesday? *hint hint*

Not quite sure what i won though. What's the difference between the Grand Prize and Consolation Prizes? I think there would be a Star Wars book *scream with delight*. The Grand Prize winner might be getting some more. Movie merchandise perhaps.