Saturday, July 09, 2005

Taking Chinese Literature in my SPM

I've decided to take an extra subject for my SPM, which makes it 12 subjects altogether.

When the teacher first told us about the existence of Chinese Literature subject, i wasn't too enthusiastic about it. I'm not much of a Chinese person. The English novel and Chinese novel i read are 50:1.

But then i see my friends taking both Accounts and Chinese Literature and i don't wan't to be left out. So i went ahead and bought these three text books for Chinese Literature.

There are only three text books. One Chinese novel, one Chinese drama script sort of thing, and the other is wen yan wen, erm, ancient runes?

I actually finished the drama script and the novel already. Only i'm not quite used to those China/Taiwan style of Chinese.

Here's a close-up shot.

As you can see, we are only starting to use the books this year.

According to our Chinese teacher, all questions and answers are provided in the books. It's like, every possible question that may come out in SPM, there is a model question and answer in the book. So the teacher said it would be quite easy to score an A.

The lessons will begin next Wednesday. I'm staying back after school. Going to take bus/walk to the place after lunch with my friends who are taking this subject too.