Friday, July 08, 2005

Screamyx, procrastinating, Harry Potter 6, Lord of the Rings

It's finally fixed, whatever the problem is. Been spending the whole day getting error messages. Kiasi said it was because of TM Net again, i dunno, it did crossed my mind that Al-Qaeda terrorist or some maniacs were attacking the net, though. LOL

So i said i won't be online until Friday. I lied, or rather, i broke my own promise.

I curi curi online until 1.20 a.m. the other day. It wasn't that bad, really, apart from not getting enough of beauty sleep and adding more backlogs to my pile of homeworks. Procrastinating. Yeah, that's the word. I think there's some sort of How to Stop Procrastinating articles on the net. Will get to that later.

Less than a week to Harry Potter 6. Can't wait.

Been in a very Lord of the Rings mood currently. Wonder why. Downloaded a couple of The Lord of the Rings music into my MP3 player. There's a very nice 9:08 minutes track by Arvika Stadsmusikkar and also May It Be by Enya. Keep replaying these songs over and over again.