Sunday, July 10, 2005

Iguanas as Pets!

Just came back from MidValley.

Dad bought me a spare NB-3L battery for my IXUS 700 and also a mini table top camera tripod from Jenova. I took some pics but now i'm too lazy to upload it to my post. Plus, it's getting pretty late already. I wanna finish this post and get some sleep.

There's this PetsWonderland in the highest floor of MidValley, and they just imported a lot of green iguanas. RM98 each.

Dad is planning to rear two iguanas. A male and a female. He's already looking for heat rocks, bedding stuff and anything that has to do with getting iguanas as pets.

Why not? Dad has reared fishes, dogs, and hamsters already. The dog was a long time ago, before he got married with mom and had me. The fishes, he once had an arowana that died eventually when it got too sick. Dad buried it under our mango tree, which is now chopped off.

He tried lots of other fishes later. We still have 3 in our small aquarium.

The big aquarium was left empty after ou whole breed of hamsters went extinct. Really, there was once where we had more than 10 hamsters at the same time as a result of 2 families having babies.

Back to iguanas. The books on iguanas at PetsWonderland was very expensive as most are hardcovers. So we went to MPH and dad bought a cheaper paperback on iguanas. He said it is important to know more about iguanas before you buy them.

That's the pet iguana part.

Here comes the photography part.

Been the owner of a sleek IXUS 700 for less than a month. Dad seems to notice that i'm beginning to put more interest into photography, and he sort of said something like: "Photography is not a cheap hobby."

Dad's old non-digital Minolta SLR is considered expensive at that time. And i think most DSLR equipments nowadays still don't come cheap for average-income people. Especially those lens thingy.

So i'm going to stick to my PNS and try to make the most out of it before getting real serious into photography. No SLRs for now. No use burning a hole in my pocket if i don't have the time and skills.

By the way, i just started another blog, a photoblog to be exact, on blogsome. Really like WordPress.

And i've been spending a lot of time on PhotoMalaysia lately. A bit too much time really. I still haven't finish editing my friends' articles for the NIE project i'm going to post about when i'm more homework-and-projects-free.