Saturday, July 16, 2005

HP6 during dinner

I have a habit of bringing a book along with me when i go out for dinner. I could never endure the 15 minutes to 45 minutes wait for for to be served.

And of course, i couldn't leave dear Potter behind when i went out for dinner just now.

It so happens that i finished my food extremely fast today, and resume right where Dumbledore just arrived at the Dursleys' house.

And then this waiter came to clear the dishes away. Stopped halfway and *me totally unaware* leaned over me to read the book. I was holding the book under the table, sort of. And he was there beside me. I mean, i dunno. It was totally weird.

I didn't noticed he was beside me, concentrating on Mr. Dursley's stunning disbelief face when he sees Dumbledore, until mum announced it was time to go, and then kindly reminded the waiter that HP6 costs RM99.

I'm rather glad that the waiter loves Harry Potter. I think he's one of those Indonesian or some other country's people who came to work here. I always think of them as insufficient educated. But there he was, eagerly wanting to read.

Many of my friends don't even bother to read the English version of Harry Potter. Too 'chim' they say. They prefer the Chinese translated one.