Saturday, July 23, 2005

Bookshelves are not only meant for books

Introducing, my bookshelves...

This one is for magazines and my few chinese novels.

This is where i open & close the glass door most often. All my current reads is stuffed here. As you can see, it's nearly full. So i'm thinking of releasing some books through BookCrossing.

On the left there's Lord of the Rings trilogy (Loaned The Hobbit to my cousin), The Da Vinci Code, Michael Crichtons and a couple of John Grishams to name a few.

On the left, dad's cookbooks and computer books.

Not all my bookshelves are filled with books. Left: Stuff toys, top right: my collection of primary school trophies, bottom right: Some old Reader's Digest copies and others.

You might have noticed that the little spaces between the books and the door is full of tiny figurines, toys and decoration stuff.

Dad brought this ET back from L.A.

I love the sherbet from Sushi King in KL. And the milk bottle behind is an antique. I dunno whether it is still available in the market. But it's real popular when i was a kid.

Yeah that's it. No idea why would anyone care about my bookshelves anyway.