Thursday, June 23, 2005

Stupid school rules

I broke the school rules, so does that mean i'm not a good student? We had a spot-check in school today. And i ended up parting with my beloved U87 CD (I had my friend to buy it for me yesterday. Too bad she brought it to school for me today.), my utility knife and my liquid paper.

Let's take a look at the Barang-barang Larangan section in my Buku Peraturan Sekolah ( School rules book, i think).


Pelajar-pelajar dilarang membawa barang-barang berikut ke sekolah:

6.1 Semua bahan cetak/elektronik yang berunsur lucah
6.2 Semua bahan cetak/elektronik yang berunsur antisosial atau antinasional

I have no problem with that. But look at this...

6.3 Pemadam jenis cecair (liquid paper)/'marker pen'/'highlighter'

We are not allowed to bring liquid papers to school FFS. They (meaning the school staff) claimed that it's because they don't want students to conteng the tables/chairs in school.

FYI, I used up approximately 1 correction tape (which is allowed in school) per month. Going for the cheaper types, i can get one at around RM2.70, which i'm not sure what's the price right now. Haven't been buying correction tapes since 2 years ago.

And then if i use liquid papers, it's around 1 liquid paper every 1 1/2year and perhaps longer. Never got around to finish them. My first one which cost me RM5 or so, was confiscated after 1 year's use by me and my friends, who used to borrow it from me (a lot). Then i got a new one that was confiscated in school today.

Which is more worth it? You do the math.

Note: Not trying to be a cheapskate or anything like that. But every cent counts.

I'm not finished yet. Ther's still 'marker pen' and 'highlighter' to go.

So, erm, no 'marker pens' allowed. I don't mind, i'm not a heavy marker pen user. Unlike some of my friends who uses marker pens a lot to write on mahjong papers when preparing presentations.

As for 'highlighter', i don't know what the hell they put that in the list for. They didn't confiscate my highlighter. They shouldn't anyway. What about highlighting important notes?

I'll skip a little and jump right to

6.9 Alat tajam/senjata yang membahayakan

So... so... So how come i'm allowed to bring stuffs like jangka lukis and sharpened pencils to school when i can't bring a utility knife to school? It's not like i'm going to hurt anyone with it.

I'll spare you the following school rules. I can go on and on with this for days.

Hear! Hear!

Hell, there are no rules here-- we're trying to accomplish something.
--Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931)