Thursday, June 02, 2005

Of article published in a magazine

It seems like a long time ago i totally forgot to blog about it. Then Mango MSN me the moment i logged in just now... Just came back from school... will post pics from school around next week.

Back to the thing Mango and Milly kindly reminded me. It happened a couple of months ago. I was bored, had nothing to do... So i tried some chinese article writing and wrote a short piece about blog and it's service providers, stuff like what is blog, who blogs...

The first time my hasil kerja... erm... work published in magazines happened a long time ago... back when i was like, 11 or 12 years old. That was an essay the teacher submitted for me to the publisher. I also had a comic strip published in another magazine before... That reward was a measly RM2.

Honestly, i wrote/drew for the money. So the RM2 kinda discouraged me. I didn't tried writing articles to the publisher for some time. Then i wrote my first piece of work to BulananPelajar (Also known as Shao Nian) during my end-of-the-year holidays the year before. It was my first attempt and it got published! I got around RM35. I mean, i've heard many cases where you have to try many times before it gets published.

I'll write again if i'm too bored to do anything else. Besides, earning some money won't do no harm. Anyway, i'll never get to write something that'll cost RM120, like Jason's Ayam Percik Buntut, which Mango mentioned to me.