Sunday, June 05, 2005

My IPAQ 3600

Am writing this post from a pocket PC ;)

Actually, dad passed this IPAQ 3600 to me. He bought it last year, used it for some time, then for reasons unknown to me until now, he stopped using it.

Turns out he lost all information and data saved in this pocket PC just because he forgot to recharge the battery once (Dad wasn't bright enough to backup his files). It's weird. He didn't use the pocket PC for a few days and thought he didn't need to recharge the battery because the last time he used it, the batter was still quite full. Then when he start that thing again, every single file was gone.

--Note: Stopped writing due to frustration of pointing at the small touchscreen one letter at a time. Resume writing in the normal Blogger space.--

I figured he felt
insecured or something like that, so rather than letting it collect dust, he gave it to me. Yipee!

*Dad calls and shouted something*

Oops, time to go. Dad promised to bring me to watch Madagascar after dinner. :)