Monday, June 20, 2005


This post is a bit old. I kept it in draft and nearly forgotten all about it.

I know i want a digital camera with lots of manual functions, but somehow, dad and i ended up with a Digital IXUS 700. There weren't much choice at the ICTS Computer fair, which is where dad bought '700. Most of the dealers were selling compact/ultra compact digital cameras. I didn't see any with lots of manual functions.

And it was kinda fun at the fair, even though i'm having fever due to (maybe) too much alcohol. (I consumed Heineken, red wine and champaine the day before XD)

The best thing that happened was not really that dad bought a digital camera. It was actually the first time dad doesn't erm... hate Apple.

Dad was always complaining that Apple is not compatible and how Windows would do better. And then i was like, that was then. Now Apple's compatibility is not much of a big problem. Give it a few years and it'll do a hell lot better.

And there people are still waiting for Longhorn.