Saturday, June 04, 2005


This is the first time ever i've been seriously flamed. Maybe i've been flamed before but i've forgotten, whatever.

I really don't believe it at first. It seems so pointless to me. But then i kinda enjoyed it LOL. Two idiots arguing sometimes sounds fun. But then again, i didn't expect anyone flaming my post. Especially a particularly short one where i didn't think thrice before posting.

And coincidentally, that guy who flamed me was named Frankie, which made me think of the Frankie Foo character from the PhuaChuKang comedy. ROFLMAO!

Anyway, i really think flaming is no big deal. I'd rather they voice out their unsatisfaction than keeping quiet and secretly hating me, disagreeing with what i said.

Maybe i feel better when there are people who doesn't hesitate to oppose confront me. I like to argue and i'm stubborn like a mule. It's extremely hard to change my opinion about something. Oh no, i think that's bad.

I still think that purple teddy bears is not a great idea to get a good first impression from other people ;-)