Monday, June 13, 2005

Belated post 3


I knew this was coming. A long and much sought after lecture from my dear uncle. Not that i'm not looking forward to it.

You see, my third uncle, which is my third aunty's husband, is a very succesful man. Though he only had education until standard three, he is now one of the top sales managers in an insurance company, training people who are holding doctorade or PhD certificates.

My uncle teaches me a lot and i respect him very much. Though he didn't have much education when he was young, he is forever learning. He used to have extremely weak command of English. Until now, he still can't name you all 12 months in a year, except May, because his daughter's name has the word May in it. But he's learning and can slowly understand more English vocabularies.

My third uncle also talks a lot about subconscious mind stuff, which i still don't quite understand. And he loves to play with numbers. He is a genius with anything related to numbers, if you get what i mean.

Yesterday night, he taught me the basics to reading plans. You know, those bulding plans, floor plan, roof plan, electrical plan and stuff. I don't know what a lot of those abbreviations meant, but it's not that hard really, most of those tiny pictures are labeled so it's not that hard to figure out.

Anyway, it was fun. My uncle has high hopes in me. I don't understand why they always say that i'm intelligent and bright coz i'm not, really. My grades in school isn't excellent and i'm not good in any other things either. Which is why i'm sometimes under pressure because i don't wanna dissapoint them.

( Update: Just that day he asked if i know what's the best university in the world. I said Harvard and he was like, telling my second uncle, see? This girl knows quite a lot.

The he asks if i know who is Gates. I went, "Sure. Bill Gates." and he made it sounds like i'm very smart.

What the?!?! Who doesn't know Harvard and Bill Gates? He thinks i live in a cave or something? )

Uncle is so succesful i sometimes think it's such an honour to talk with him. *Pssst... He says his price for an hours lecture to other people is like, a whopping thousand dollars!*

Either way, he's a very highly respected man and i'm very lucky to have him as my uncle.