Monday, June 13, 2005

Belated post 2

08-June-05 2.57 p.m.

On the way back to Triang, my mum's hometown. Dad's faithful 15-year-old Toyota liteace is pretty shaky, literally. And again, i'm writing on my pocket-PC. Will beam it to dad's notebook to post on Blogger.

Bought the June issue of PC Gamer when i was waiting for dad, who was having his checkup at SJMC for his piles surgery last month. Spent 3 whole hours under the hot sun clutching the magazine coz for some reason, dad told me to wait by the car intead of in the hospital, where they provide comfy seats for visitors.

Back to the PC Gamer magazine. I don't usually buy magazines. I prefer books. And i'm not a gamer either. I don't play PC games, unless you count the 30 minutes i spend playing Resident Evil 3 after 6 hours of illegal downloading off the internet. Not to mention i deleted it after that.
But i love games. I just don't have much time to seriously play a game, not with 20 novels patiently sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me to read them. So instead of playing the games, i am more into reading about games. Like, you know, G4 TV on the net, or getting to know TS Online from my RO geek friend. I know a lot about the gaming industry although i don't play games.

That's why i was so surprised when i read about ARGs in PC Gamer. Will do some little research on ARGs when i'm not so busy.