Friday, June 03, 2005

As if Screamyx will give me what i want

Mum needed to use the phone just now, so i went offline and created this 2 minutes picture using my Photoshop CS2 trial version while waiting for her to finish her conversation.

I actually had no idea what's this all about. I stole the original picture from stock.xchng, then did a couple of copies. It's actually made from three same pictures. The picture at the back i filtered with underpainting. The middle one i filtered with film grain. The clearest on top i did some smart sharpening with it. Not quite sure what to do with it, so i posted it here.

Anyway, it's kinda troublesome everytime there's an incoming phone call, i'd have to disconnect the line so that mum could answer the phone clear and loud.

I'm using Screamyx. And when the installation guy came over with her girlfriend/fiancee/wife in the car outside, waiting to install it into my dad's notebook last year, i was told we have a splitter thingy, which enables us to receive incoming calls while online at the same time.

What he didn't told us was that even though i can receive incoming calls-and also make outgoing calls-the phone is so noisy i can barely make out what the person on the other line is talking about. So much for Streamyx promising us this->
What happens if I receive a call while accessing the Internet?
You can answer the call as a normal telephone call. The Internet access service will not be interrupted as your telephone set is connected to a microfilter, which separates voice and data signal.

Hah! As if.