Monday, May 30, 2005


First there was the familiar Neopets...

But then when i googled 'Neopets', 'Marapets' showed up on the sponsored links section with this short description->New Free Virtual Pet Site. Register In Seconds And Get 2000MP.

What's more. Check it out. On it's homepage, there's this description that totally sucks.

Welcome to Marapets. The newest virtual pet site - safe, fun and free for all to play! Although many other virtual pets sites have been created in the past, we try to be original with everything and run our site differently to other pet sites. Register now and within seconds you can chat to our friendly members, explore one of the many worlds of Marada, create or adopt one of our 23 original marapets, collect and sell items, play games, create a club, buy shares in our stock market, create a free site with our marasites, find and collect our hidden avatars and so much more - what are you waiting for...

I'm waiting for Neopets to take legal action.

Update: Okay, screw the legal action thingy. I don't know a thing about copyright problems. So ignore what i said about copyright problems.