Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Finally Back to Blogging!

OMG... My last post was dated Monday, April 25, 2005! I've managed to keep away from blogging for almost a month and i don't even realise it! Not that i'm not excited about blogging anymore, but the mid-terms...

Arghhh... My mid-terms... I don't like to use bad words, but i totally screwed up all the fuckin papers! Damn, i might even get my first 'fail'ed paper in my entire 15 year-old life.

BM (Malay) was a disaster... There are 2 papers. The first paper i got 38 out of 110... Pathetic, yeah? I wasn't good at BM anyway, but 38/110... That's like... Ugh... I don't wanna talk about it.

BC (Chinese). I don't know... i think i got some of them right...

BI (English). I don't think it's hard. But then again, things may not always turn out as i like.

I was planning to list down all 11 subjects. Changed my mind. It's kinda hard for me to blog, watch G4TV E3 videos, chat and surf the net at the same time. And so much has happened since i'm not quite sure i remember them all, so i'll pass.