Monday, April 11, 2005

Trip to MidValley

Ha! I got it! 2 Naruto No Go figurines from the MidValley animetech outlet.

One is a boy with yellow hair i the front, black coloured hair at the back, wearing black shirt with yellow buttons.

Another i dunno the gender. It's wearing light green big sleeves shirt, and a tall black...erm...hat, it think. Oh ya, i think it's also holding a fan. Purple hair.

No idea about the characters. It's for my friend, see? I'm an anime illiterate. Anyway, the figurines costed RM9.90 each. I was expecting much higher price.

Can't wait to see my friend's happy face when i give it to her tomorrow.

--wrote this on the MalaysiaBloggers forum Anime/Manga thread.

So i went to MidValley to get a belated birthday present for my friend. She's a Naruto No Go fan, an avid anime/manga fan, loves japanese more than anything else. Thursday, 7th of April was her birthday, but i couldn't get in time to buy her what she really wanted. So i'm giving her the 2 figurines tomorrow instead.

In addition, i bought Eason Chan's Great 5000 Secs New+Best.

I've been waiting forever to buy this album. No kidding.

There are three new songs in this album, 一切還好, 萬佛朝宗, and 冤氣, along with 15 others.

Product Information
Product Title:Great 5000 Secs - Eason Chan New + Best
Singer Name(s):Eason Chan
Release Date:February 4, 2005
Package Weight:170 g
Publisher:EEG Empero Entertainment Group (HK)

Can't wait!!!