Thursday, April 07, 2005

M!LlY's d!Ary...

A screenshot of my Ming Ming Jie Jie's blog, M!LlY's d!Ary...

Ha! I don't believe it. She started this blog since March and i know nothing about it until today. And that's only when i clicked on the Homepage link from the comment she left me.

So i read her blog and... heehee... i now know things about her i never knew before. Just kinda worried she might not want me to read it, like i prefer my friends in school not reading my blog. Is that why she didn't tell me about her blog? After all, it is a diary. And reading other people's diary is considered immoral.

Personally, i like her blog very much. It's not like the usual serious stuff you see, but not as crazy as MichaelOoi's either. Her posts are all candid and IMHO, her life is pretty interesting. I'll make it a point to read it often, assuming she allows me to.

This post is dedicated to dear Ming Ming Jie Jie, a friend, a cousin.