Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Got saman-ed in school

Now if you think i'm a good student in school, you're wrong. I just got a saman in school today during a 'spot check' session.

You see, our school's discipline system works like this. If you get caught doing something against the school rules, the prefects will give you a saman. And every now and then, the prefects come up with a 'spot check' without a warning.

I did no serious offence. I got a saman 'cos my fingernails were too long. Actually, it was my first ever saman. It didn't upset me in anyway, though. I was like, you wanna give me a saman? Oh, okay. Where do i sign? Here? There you go.

I mean, why should i be upset about it? I deserve the detention, don't i? Oh by the way, did i mention the detention will be km? That's Khidmat Masyarakat. Or in English, Community Service. When the prefect who issued me the saman is free, she'll take-or rather, escort-me to pick up rubbish in the school grounds. Yup, cleaning the school. It's not that bad, really, when you can get time off from lessons, get out from the class, stretch a bit. Come to think of it, repeatingly bending your body to pick up rubbish from the ground is an exercise too. LOL!

Maybe i shouldn't be so happy with getting a saman. But honestly, i look forward to anything i've never done before. And the KM thing is a first for me.

On the other hand, a friend's handphone was confiscated by the prefects during the 'spot check'. There is a school rule saying that electrical devices-including handphones, mp3 players, and walkmans-are not allowed in school. But then, she called her father using the public phone to get his father to school. Her father came to school, talked to the discipline teacher, and got the handphone back for his daughter. It was he who told his daughter to bring her handphone to school in the first place, in case of emergency.

Another friend kinda outwited the prefects. He hid his handphone underneath his desk and the prefects weren't smart enough to look for it there. Lucky for him.

More after i go for KM.