Sunday, April 17, 2005

Am i Fat?

if im skinny but i dont think so should i lose weight o should i just get into shape

Thank You


Dear tinker:

Are you seriously taking time out of your day to write us this crap? Sweet mother of mercy help us all. Several of the lords began to bang their heads against a variety of solid objects after reading your letter. We receive hundreds of pathetic e-mails on a daily basis and yours is right on top of the pile.

You shouldn’t really worry about being fat. You should worry about being a complete waste of a human being. Your existence in this world is so meaningless that we question wasting our time to write to you.

Our advice? Some of the lords wanted to suggest your donating your fat body to science, but our lawyers suggested that meant death. God knows your life is worth living..... Drama queen. Prediction: 5 years from now you’ll be living in a trailer park and have a full time job working the cash register of the local roller skating rink.