Thursday, March 03, 2005

In for the H2O bottle rocket competition

Apart from school homeworks i'm still trying to finish copying from my friends', i'm currently in for a school competition. It will be done by 3 persons a team, making a H2O rocket out of bottles. Ever heard of it?

When the teacher told us about the competition, i was clueless about what a bottle rocket is. Never heard of it. So then i looked up the net and, wow, there are water rocket proffesionals out there! I'm looking at pro competitions, Science Olympiads...

I had 2 friends who are interested too and the three of us handed our names to our physics teacher. Apparently, there are 32 teams in for a competition without a prize. Yup, no prizes if you won. But, you get a chance to compete in the nationwide-or is it state-wide?-physics competition. That's a good enough reason to participate. Though i don't feel too confident about our team. We haven't even started yet, and it's due next week. The other two girls aren't very excited about the whole water rocket thing, IMHO.

So, i found this great site that is very informative on water rockets.

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It sure isn't easy to make one. I am getting less confident every single minute. It's like i'm the only one in my team who really want to do it right. Maybe it's just me worrying too much. Maybe they are enthusiastic but didn't show it on their faces.

I spent these few days dreaming the envy looks of my peers when my rocket shoots up into the blue sky... Ah...

The main reason i want to win this competition? I want at least a small achievement in my high school life. At least when i'm older, i can look back when i'm still in school and be proud of myself. I must be good at something, whatever it is. I'm not a hopeless useless git.