Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I'll be satisfied with 36 hours a day

Believe it or not, Form 4 is definitely not the year where you can relax after PMR. This is the first time ever i'm doubting that 24 hours is enough. I had some busy times in my 14 years of childhood, but none like this.

Honestly, in school, i don't have time to even drink water. You know, opening the cap and screwing it back takes time, which i can't afford. I spend every second doing unfinished homeworks. When i'm not doing my homeworks, it's because the teacher is teaching and i have no choice but listen, or the teacher will confiscate my books and pencil. So that's when i am not writing and thus, have a free hand to drink water. Pathetic, right?

t's 1 a.m. already and i'm still not done yet with my EST essay, due tommorow. Just 5 seconds ago i was preparing for an oral test i have to do tomorrow. Oops, err... today.

What the f*** am i thinking of blogging in the middle of an essay?! Urgghh...-connection failed-