Friday, March 11, 2005

Hapland--a cool flash game

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I can't help it. There's homework but i don't bother. Hey, it's the school holidays!

Anyway, i was browsing around until i came across this. It's just awesome.

Just in case you can't solve it, here's a walkthrough by lyzard.


This will explain how to beat this game, so don't read it if you want to figure it out on your own:

(Note: I purposely made the font black so you wouldn't 'accidentally' took a peek. Just right-click and click select-all to view the walkthrough clearly.)
  1. Start by opening both windows and and turning the hanging arrow around.
  2. Next open the hatch and bring out the first stick guy by clicking the arrow pointing up.
  3. Fire rock number one at the 'bridge', it will fall into place.
  4. Fire the next rock at the bell. this will open the door on the left.
  5. Next fire the 2 grenades at the bridge, you have to click on the bridge as the grenade reaches it to bat it into the air where it will explode.
  6. Next, fire the blue card/key at the bridge, it will fall into the hole where stick guy 2 can use it.
  7. After guy 2 opens the door click guy one back at the 'cannon', he will be loaded into the cannon. Bring out stick guy 3 by pushing the UP arrow once more.
  8. Click guy 3 at the cannon to fire guy 1 up at the bell, as he reaches the spear, click the spear to bend it slightly so the guy can land under the bell.
  9. Once guy 1 is on the 'tower' click him to move the tower to the right.
  10. Click a few times to make it fall on the spear, launching the rock onto the landmine.
  11. Next, click the door on the left and guy 4 makes his way to the door past where the landmine just blew up.
  12. This is the tricky part: Right before guy 4 gets to the door, you need to click on guy 2 (below) to trigger him to begin walking.

Your timing has to be just right, so be prepared to do this last part a couple of times.

Actually, i had perfect timing on the first attempt. So good luck!