Saturday, March 12, 2005

Game review --The Dead Case

I spent the whole afternoon with my sis, Yun Hui, playing a computer game--The Dead Case ( the original site was here ). It was kinda boring at first, when we got frustrating 'cos we couldn't figure what to do. But then, the game was extremely easy with hints from the game itself. You wouldn't really need a walkthrough.

Sis doesn't hang out with computers much. She ain't like me, who is a total computer geek. Sis seldom touch computers, so she was pretty excited when it came to computer games.

Now, The Dead Case.

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Created by Zachary Shaffer of the Spook Spot, The Dead Case is a mystery-type RPG flash game. The game took less than 30 seconds to load on my 1Mbps Streamyx. But, that also means that the whole game isn't very sophisticated and thus, come in a 4Mb package. Don't even compare the graphics with Halo or Doom 3, it's a flash game, dude. Flash plugin required, of course. No superb background music either. It keeps playing the same ol' detective-like music.

The good thing is, it's absolutely free.

The game is divided into Part 1 and Part 2. But it doesn't matter anyway.

You started off waking up in a buried coffin. ( Yes, you are a ghost )You hear laughing and crying sounds coming from somewhere on the east. Curious, you set out to explore.

Scare the little kids on the street even if you don't want to. After you scare three children, you will become more powerful and will be able to visit more spooky places. Look out for ghosts in the town. Talk to them.

The story unfolds slowly at the beginning. Some gets confused and can't piece the story parts together. Don't worry, you'll get to know more as you play. Always refer to the hint section when you are stuck. Basically, you won't need any help from forums if you just follow the instructions. The map serves as a good guide too.

In Part 2, you are more familiar with the characters. Find out how you became dead. Things are becoming easier to understand and the pieces fall into it's places eventually.

The whole game took me less than an hour ( and i'm not an avid gamer ). It's pretty much straightforward, even though it is considered as a mystery game. Try thinking out of the box. What's more, this game is perfectly suitable for amateur gamers who just step into the world of computer games. You wouldn't need special keyboard combos, or perfect timing, or make tough decisions that would decide your future. So amateur gamers can take their own sweet time and worry nothing about taking the wrong step.

With a rather unique storyline, this game is fun. There are many people out there who can't wait for the sequel, which is due coming out this year.

I give it a 7/10.

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