Monday, February 21, 2005

Why homestay travel?

  1. It's more fun than tour busses. More important, it's far more rewarding, gives you serious learning that you enjoy.

  2. Being part of a family creates inner learning. We learn by doing, not observing. Doing the everyday things makes your language and learning come ALIVE, energizes your mind to think & respond. Living the language pushes you to learn the language & the culture – and value them.

  3. Only people-to-people connections really count in the long run. They're what stay with you – long after sights & activities fade. They're what make you aware that we are CONNECTED to 'others' and that we can get along.

  4. We all need to understand our interconnected world. Homestay travel helps. ARC believes deeply that our future depends on people-to-people interchange . . . on developing young people who understand what the shrinking of our globe means, and have a better sense of the world & themselves - and confidence they can succeed. A successful Homestay helps.

  5. Making friends is really what makes life worth living, makes experiences worth remembering. You'll make real friends on a Homestay.

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