Saturday, February 12, 2005

Missed an encounter with an artist

I'm finally back from Triang!

Chinese New Year is not exactly a special occasion for me. I just went back to my mum's hometown and spend time with my cousins. We played ChoDaiDi ( a cards game) and watched Chinese New Year Specials on TV. Just the usual getting red packets ( ang pao) stuff. Normally, at home, i can spend the whole day pouring over novels. But somehow, i can't concentrate on reading a single chapter in Triang.

I reached home at around 4 this afternoon 'cos i can't manage another boring day at my grandfather's house. Just me and my dad. Mum's staying a bit longer.

About 5 o'clock, me and dad went to dinner with my relatives on dad's side. We were at my dad's sixth aunt's house at Bukit Rimau around 5 o'clock when my great sixth aunt asked me if i am a fan of Victor Wong.

Victor Wong Pin Kuan

Honestly, i'm more into English songs. But i know him all right. I was crazy about his song Zhang Xin (The Palm) when i was like what? 6? 7 years old? It turns out that he is my dad's sixth aunt's nephew! What's more, he just left less than 1/2 an hour ago! Damn, i just miss the opportunity to meet with an artist! He was there paying my great sixth aunt a visit for about 2 hours and i missed it! Urgghhh....

My great sixth aunt asked if i want his poster and autograph. Then dad and great sixth uncle had a chat about Pin Kuan ( they refer to him as A-Kuan). The thing is, Mr. A-Kuan broke his arm while shooting a film. The doctors screwed his arm with 8 screws. Sometime later, the piece of metal or something like that broke. The doctors replaced the metal thing with another thicker metal piece with 7 screws. Then they changed part of the story of the film so that Mr. A-Kuan can continue with the filming.

Dad and great sixth uncle talked about the insurance thingy, while i kept wondering what it would be like to meet with an artist. It's not like i'm his die-hard fan, but it's really cool to see him with the bandage. Well, it's not always you get to meet a talented artist. Oh ya, did i mention he trained himself to sign autographs with his left hand because his right hand can't function properly? Poor thing. And still so dedicated to his job too.

Too bad i missed my once in a lifetime oppurtunity to meet an artist.