Thursday, February 03, 2005

A bit of everything in the past few days

The Aedes mosquitoes are really doing their job.

A neighbour 3 doors down was warded in the hospital due to high Dengue fever. Which means our residential area is marked X Aedes spot.

I school, we have a Ridsect in our classroom. We are supposed to use it when there are any signs of mosquitoes, instead the boys played with it.

Life's very busy in school. We get up to 8 different homeworks in a day. Which explains my absence for the past week until yesterday. I still have tons waiting for me to complete.

Our classroom and no other classroom but our classroom will be getting an air-con. Basically it's because our classroom is in the centre of the school. The parking lots, teacher's room, washroom activity centre, basketball court etc. is surrounding us. So you can imagine how noisy it is during peak seasons.

We'll suffer less noise pollution when the air-con is fixed, which i think should be fixed after school today. It's probably ready for use tommorow morning. :) Wow, we get special treatment! Only us, 4S3 get air-conditioned classroom. Ha! And were're not even the best class there is.