Monday, February 21, 2005

8 days in Japan for RM4700

If you are linking to this post from PetalingStreet, don't bother to read further down if you think you will be able to enjoy this offer.

The hot topic in school today is about the homestay thingy to Japan/Australia. (Students only!!!) The Japan one is RM4700, Australia RM6900! It scheduled on June 2 to June 10 2005. We were so excited though most of us know that it is impossible to go by just looking at the RM4700. It's not that expensive for 8 days, in fact, i would say it's rather cheap. But most of us can't afford it anyway.

The teacher said that those going to Japan will get a free basic tutorial of the Japanese language. Stuffs like
konichiwa (hello), doyouni? (how?), nanika atta? (wassup?), matte (wait)... You know, beginners guide to simple Japanese words. It'll be very useful, but i doubt i could survive with only the basics. I am really talkative, but i may get really shy and quiet over there, assuming i am allowed to go.

I talked to dad. He said that though it's stated 4700 or 6900, the cos will be much higher. I know, you have to spend money for souvenirs and all. The teacher said most will be paid for by the family you're staying with. But still, you have to pay on your own for
cenderamata stuff. So i guess that's a NO then.

So, umm... i'll just forget it.

I won't The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors., but... Okay, it's not such a big deal anyway. I'm still young, right? I' have tons of opportunities in the future. So forget about it.