Sunday, January 23, 2005

First time experience at the cemetery

Went to school at 10a.m. to meet up with my friends. We're going to our friend's cemetery to pay our respects.

There was 13 of us all together. Others didn't show up, including the form teacher of last year's 3C. That teacher didn't even gave us a call to tell us she's not coming, so we went ahead to the cemetery without waiting for her.

Mind you, this was my first ever experience being at the cemetery. The closest i ever get to a cemetery before this was a view from the road when i pass by the cemetery. So it was an eye-opener for me. The cemetery we were heading is called 'Fairy Park'. It's located somewhere in Klang.

Right when the bus went through the gate, i felt like i'm on a bus tour at some famous tourist spot. I mean, it's just so beautiful, with waterfalls, small lakes with the '8 fairies crossing the sea' on top of it. Whoa, the bus driver even told us that the roof of a small hut-what-da-ya-call-dat, you know, something like a hut made out of bricks-costs roughly 5 million. And that's just the roof! Things that are expensive don't come hideous. You know what i'm trying to say, the place is just like paradise. Yup, it is a paradise for erm, dead people.

All the graves are side by side, creating a tiled effect. The grass is well kept and the flowers are blooming. Blue sky, perfectly aligned graves, it doesn't look spooky to me at all.

This friend of mine was cremated on Monday. So his ashes has already been sealed in a small column. When we reached there, despite the beautiful view, sadness overwhelmed me. Seeing his family with their tears in their eyes, even if you're a cold-blooded person like me, you can't help grieving.

His mother was all tears and his grandmother looked even more broken-hearted. They were kinda grateful when we show up. Nice to know her son had so many friends who came and visit him, see?

Even though i'm unofficially a Christian, literally a free-thinker (if you know what i mean), i followed the steps of my other friends and went up to put two joss sticks after lighting them. Then we head outside to burn paper-made clothes, cell phone and hell notes for him. His comics where burnt too, along with a portrait of Jay Chow he drew last year when we were having a mini-concert.

Thanks to my friends, i didn't look like an idiot. I mean, i know absolutely nothing about the procedures before i went there. Now that i had a first-hand experience-not the ones learnt from TVs-i'm more familiar with the Buddhism culture, about the things they do after someone is cremated.

That's another 'first' in 2005.