Friday, January 07, 2005

First day at school and the after school car accident

School just started a couple of days ago, which was what kept me really busy and i don't have time to update my blog.

Well, the first day
in school was okay. Lots of lectures from the Headmaster, long queue to buy text books and so on. Most of the students were having a hard time deciding whether they should choose Science Stream or Accounts. Good thing i made up my mind real early, with help of many fellow bloggers of course.

I mentioned that my first day
in school was okay. 'Cos i met with an accident just after mum sent the last of my friends home. You see, it went like this. After dropping off my friends, mum came to a T-junction.

The car in red is mum's. The blue one is a kancil.

I was at the passenger seat. Mum was talking to me, asking how was my day at school and thus was not concentrating on driving. The impact wasn't great but the car was partially damaged. No one was hurt, fortunately.

Dad was informed immediately. He came all the way from PJ to settle the whole incident. Mum doesn't know what should she do if she met with an accident. So all she did was panicked.

Then AAM was called to tow the car to the Section 11 police station. Made a report, photographed the car, paid RM300 compound. Dad wanted me to come along even though i haven't have my lunch. ( It was 4.00 p.m.). He said i should know the whole procedure.

I still remember that day at the police station, the traffic department, there were
lots of people making reports. I mean real many. I never thought there could be so much accidents in a day. Most of the accidents we see in the newspaper are major ones.

Mum blamed it on me. She said it was because she want's to know what happening to
me at school. Ugh, whatever. She always put the fault on other people.

I don't say that i love accidents to happen, but i think it's a really good experience for me. Now i know what to do when car accidents happen, how to claim insurance and all. I dunno why, i just love new experience. I mean, at the age of 15, i've experienced car-car accidents, car-flesh accident ( that happened when i'm 7. A taxi knocked me down on the street), fire, mad guys trying to break into the house, et cetera. This experiences are priceless to me. How many times do you get knocked down by a taxi in your lifetime?