Saturday, January 15, 2005

2 Weeks into Form 4 Lifestyle

Form 4 life isn't what i expected.

I got put into 4S3. When all my friends who got the same results as me got into 4S2. Hell, just because my name starts with the letter V as in Vivian. It just ain't fair.

Just when i thought PMR is finally over, it's time to prepare for SPM. Honestly, it's not too early to prepare, is it? Oh well, i'm not too enthusiastic about it anyway. Probably won't even think about it till the week before the big day. That's how i work for my PMR by the way. Now that i'm in Form 4, PMR's nothing but a small test. SPM's the boss.

The teachers are great, except maybe for that Pn. Noretna--the Biology teacher. Oh sure, she can memorize the Bio text book
backwards, so what? Nothing, and i mean absolutely nothing can be interesting in her class. That's a fact. I mean, Bio is the most boring subject of all, and the school got us the most boring teacher to teach us the subject? What the F***?! No one will be interested in Biology anymore. Not if it's Noretna. She sucks.

Our Add. Maths teacher haven't show up yet. There are rumors that she took 2 months maternity leave. 2 months!!! That's an eternity for those of us who are new to Add. Maths. It's what's considered as the hardest subject among all, at least for most of us. Fortunately, i'm taking Add. Maths tuision lessons.

Homeworks are piling up to the ceiling. All the teachers expect us to have settled down in our laboratories ( You heard me. Laboratories. Labs. Not classrooms. The school's excuse is that we don't have enough classrooms at the moment. We wrote a complain letter to the headmaster though, with all 44 4S3 students' signatures.) , so almost every teacher assigned us homeworks. Urgh... No more surfing the net till midnight.

Guess i should be back working on my Physics homework, in what i call 'a minute'.