Friday, December 10, 2004

PosMalaysia sucks

F*** PosMalaysia.

I spent my whole morning walking 20 minutes to the post office and f*** them. No seamail??!?! Okay, the whole thing went like this.

Me : 'Encik, saya nak hantar buku ini ke Brazil dengan seamail. Boleh tolong timbangkan?'
(After weighing the book)
Mr. XXX at the post office: 'RM22.10'
Me : 'What??? Hantar dengan seamail mana ada begitu mahal?'
Mr. XXX at the post office: 'Kini tak ada seamail punya. Semua guna airmail."
Me : 'Tapi hari tu saya tanya mereka kata ada seamail?'
Mr. XXX at the post office: 'Tak ada lah.'

That's it. I stomped out of the post office right after i said "kalau 'gitu tak mau lagi lah"

What the hell no seamail??? My dad went to another post office and mailed some books by surface to US just a couple of weeks back!

If i ever step into that post office again-even if it's to buy stamps-it's because every post office in Malaysia is closed except that one.