Thursday, December 16, 2004

PosMalaysia REALLY sucks

Pos Malaysia setting up call centre to improve service

COMPLAINTS are common with public services. Pos Malaysia is not spared. That is why Pos Malaysia & Services Holdings Bhd (PSH), Pos Malaysia's holding company, is launching a call centre in January.

The idea is to listen to customers and improve its services. At the same time, the call centre will serve as its base to disseminate information on its product and services.

The toll-free number is 1300 300 300 and the operating hours would be 8.30am to 9.30pm. Based in Subang Jaya, the centre will initially be manned by 30 people.

“We place huge emphasis on customer feedback and that is why we have set up a call centre,’’ PSH group managing director and CEO Datuk Ikmal Hijaz said.

“I have regular sessions with my team, and the first item on the agenda is customer feedback. We see our people responding and looking seriously at each and every complaint to resolve issues. In most cases, the managers themselves attend to customers directly.’’

All these are part of PSH’s efforts to be customer-centric. Ikmal joined PSH a year ago and topmost on his agenda was to improve customer service. The levels have since increased but so have customer expectations.

To him, getting feedback is one thing but the integrity of data compiled is another – which includes whether the grievances of one person represent those of a vast majority.

This is what he wants to determine so that the right measures are taken to improve services. A tracking mechanism is in place, and that would help identify the real problem and address it accordingly.

Of late, Pos Malaysia came under the public glare when it was reported that a former postman had kept 21,000 letters in his house instead of delivering them.

“In general, the number of postmen who are responsible is very high. Come rain or shine, they would make deliveries. There is teamwork at every level and interdependence because once a letter is posted, there are many stages it goes through before it is sent to the recipient.

“(Of course), there are legacies but we would be re-engineering the processes so that everyone becomes more responsive to customers' needs,’’ he said.

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PosMalaysia is really getting on my nerves.

I didn't manage to send the book that day. So i figured i'll go to another PosMalaysia branch to try my luck. I went to another post office, weighed the book, and the person said 'RM21.40 dengan sea mail'. It's kinda expensive, so i decided to try out yet another post office. This time it was "RM13.50". Reasonable, right? But for some reason, i didn't mail the book.

Next day, i went to the same post office who gave me the RM13.50 price. That personnel who weigh the book and quote the price wasn't there. On leave or maybe MC. So i talked to another person. You wouldn't believe it. She told me it will be RM44.10 and that i am not allowed to mail the book without packing it in a box (i was using an envelope). WTF!!?!?!

Some time ago, i sent feedbacks to PosMalaysia via Internet regarding the no-sea mail-service thingy. It was like several months ago. I got a response all right, but nothing was done about it. So what's the use setting up call centre if you don't bother to take action? I am really disappointed with PosMalaysia, having experience how difficult it is for me to just mail a book overseas. The inefficiency of the mailing system is driving me crazy. Can't something be done about it?