Friday, December 24, 2004

A Christmas Present to all who wish to know me better

I read WittySquirrel's post on December 20. And i wanna say thank you very much to him here. I became really interested in the Keo project after i visited it's website. It's awesome!

Honestly, i never talk so much about myself before. Most of the time, i prefer friends to get to know me better naturally. What i wanna say is, the message to my granchildren below is a confession I spent 3 whole hours to write and every single word is from deep down my heart. And this is what i got, written from a 14-year-old's perspective:

Hey, glad to know i have great grandchildren reading this. I don't know, i'm only 14, kinda too early to be even thinking of getting married. I’m allowed to write 6000 characters and I wanna write as much as I can to reach the 6000 letters limit. So here goes.

Dear great grandchildren,
This is Vivian Eng xxxx xxx, using her dad's laptop, or notebook, or whatever you call it in 50000 year's time (Go check out the museum, it should be there.), trying to figure out if you can understand my broken English. Don't blame me, i speak Chinese most of the time.

Yeah yeah, i'll cut the crap.

(Clears my throat)
First of all, i want whoever is reading this to remember your great grandmother as a beautiful young lady who, at 14-years-old, tries desperately to become a boy. I genuinely prefer to be a boy than a girl. So no dress or skirts, and definitely no pink.

And if somehow, after 50000 years, human unlocked the secrets of afterlife, would you please, please contact me? I always feel lonely. Don't bother with my grave. I'd rather my remains dug up by some archaeologist. Or maybe there won't be any remains of me at all if i died in a laboratory explosion, or during a space walk accident, or i simply donated my organs to some lucky guy, etc. etc.

Erm, I wanna thank mum (Valerie See xxx xxxx, a.k.a. your great great grandmother) for not fussing when i'm surfing the net, thank dad (Gilbert Eng xxxxx xxx, a.k.a. your greatX2 grandfather) for borrowing me his laptop.

So, about me.

I’m born in a small clinic in Klang, not far away from Shah Alam, Taman Sri Muda, my home. I’m the only child but I won’t ever admit that I’m lonely. Black hair, button nose, wears spectacles since 8-years-old, yellow skin, short (only 142cm and haven’t grow any taller since 3 years ago! Boohoohoo…). Okay, I’m boring you.

50000 years… Well, is Aids still hanging around? Are there cigarettes? Do you guys use antimatter as energy source?

Hell, I don’t know what else can I say. 4041 more alphabets to go.

Alright, I’ll talk about my friends. Among my few friends, there’s my current friend Low Ching Shuang. We’re in separate classes in school this year, and will be like that too next year. We have grown apart since last year.

Next is Tan Li Yee, the academic. Straight As all the time. I envy her, but we get along pretty well.

Then there’s my sister Yep Yun Hui. We’re totally unrelated (Her surname’s Yep and mine’s Eng, see?). Her mum-my auntie-was my baby-sitter. And because she’s older than me by 4 years, I call her sis. We’re friends. We watch television programs together and chat sometimes. And while I’m typing this, she’s sick at home. Too little blood in her body, the doctor said. I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with her. She looked pretty pale yesterday when I went to see her.

Hmm… that’s about it. Others are just normal friends I hang along with. Chit-chat and talk about life. No best pals. I keep most of my secrets and thoughts to myself. Maybe one day, I’ll get to have a real good friend who I’ll be able to trust and spill my feelings to her.

Oh, and I wanna know something about everything and everything about something, especially astronomy. And i suppose in the future, astronomy will be much much more appreciated than now. I’m kinda worried if I choose to major in Astronomy, I can’t get a decent job. I’ve longed for a telescope once. Just a small one. But then, with so many skyscrapers, condominiums, flats, buildings of all sorts around my house, I shouldn’t really be expecting to see any stars through the telescope except peeking at what other people are doing in their house. So no point getting one when I can’t put it to proper use. All the same, astronomy rocks!

(2341 letters and counting.)

Okay, let’s see…

Oh forget it, I have nothing to say. Tomorrow’s Christmas and I have to get off the laptop to go and watch Christmas Specials TV ( abbreviation for television ) programmes.

So, buh-bye!

Signing off,
Vivian Eng
24th December 2004

( I've heard that i shouldn't give out my real name on the net. I don't know why but it's safest if i keep the names private, just in case. No one would be interested in my real name anyway.)

Vivian wishing everyone out there a Merry Christmas!