Friday, December 31, 2004

2004 review

A lot happened this year... Some of which happened before i started blogging. Here's a review of some things that happened in 2004.

Mum's RM20,000 cheated
Please read this first.

I was having my Ujian Bulanan. One day around March on the way home from school, mum mentioned something about a woman she met at the market. I didn't ask much about what happened exactly, 'cos i thought mum should be able to make decisions by herself. She's a grown-up, surely she knows better. I wasn't paying much attention to her.

Then curiosity took over me. I start asking questions and the story came out, but not the
whole story. Mum wanted me to concentrate on the exam, and thus left out part of the story. I was curious, but i figured mum would let me know if there is the need for me to know.

Anyway, mum gave my 7th auntie a call and tell her what happened. Now my 7th auntie is a very wise person. She immediately know something is wrong and informed my other relatives about it. A few of them came to my house to check on mum.

Alas, the truth dawned on everyone that mum was cheated. About RM20000 went to the conmen.

A few days later, after my exam, i was told the whole complete story. Nothing can be done. If we make a police report, the police will surely ask why we didn't place a report earlier. There would be a lot of paperwork too.

We didn't make a police report. I noticed that several similar cases were reported by The Star newspaper. So maybe it was from the same organization.

Mum's experience was 99% similar to this other woman's case.

Even though the incident happened sometime ago, mum is still upset. The RM20,000 (and some jewelleries, golden rings, and expensive souvenirs dad got from overseas.) means a lot to her.

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BookCrossing & The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Blogging
How i came to blogging and BookCrossing, i have to start from an Australian English examination i took sometime in June. In the exam paper was an article about BookCrossing.

It sounds fun. So sometime later when i got the chance, i visited

It was awesome. After a few hours exploring, i got a welcome email from WittySquirrel, who is a fellow Malaysian-BookCrosser and blogger. I did a checked his bookshelf and saw his blog address at the homepage column. It was powered by Blogger. I saw this logo The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. on top of the page and clicked it. Thus started my blogging days.

I now maintain a blog named In the Oort Cloud and have a bookshelf here.

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Gmail is a free, search-based webmail service that includes 1,000 megabytes (1 gigabyte) of storage. I got my invitation from Papi at PapiMami's blog. Many thanks to Papi!

Spam / Scam
I started using the internet at the age of 8 (1998), when dad bought me my first PC. Spam mails or scam ( i'm still not really clear about the difference between the two) are really common these days. But all 7 years of using the net hasn't resulted in getting spam/scam mails, or even virus!

Finally, today, when i open my mailbox, i found one in my GMail Spam directory. I damn near fall for it. Fortunately, i figured out it was a spam/scam and lodged a report at Neopets. ( The spam/scam mail was Neopets related.

My MP3
Dad got a MP3 for himself when he went to Taiwan. He was going to use it as a flash driver. Unfortunately, when he came back from Taiwan, he realised that the MP3 works in Chinese format. ( My dad was English educated. He speaks Chinese and can only write simple Chinese words like 一, 二, 三.) He doesn’t know how to use it. So in order not to waste it, he gave it to me.

I figured how to change to Chinese format but by then he had got another flash drive. So in the end, i got to keep it. :)

PMR (Penilaian Menengah Rendah)
Just got the results a few days back. All the effort to pass PMR with flying colours were no wasted. Hey, 7As isn't that bad.

It seems unnecessary for me to talk more about tsunami here. Only those who come from Mars doen't know about the tsunami that hit South-East Asia on Boxing Day. It claimed lives of up to 125,000 while i'm writing this. It was a tragic nature disaster.

Here i include some links to various tsunami relief funds. Hope it would help.

-Child Family health International
-The Star
-The Star/Maybank
-MERCY Malaysia
-International Rescue Committee

Happy 2005 everyone!