Tuesday, November 09, 2004

My niece

Am now blogging from Triang. Just thought i'd drop a word.

In today's chit-chatting with my aunties, i learned that nowadays, pre-school children live a very busy and stressed life. I have a niece, 6 years-old. Her colouring got No.2 in the kindergarden she's in. The reason she didn't get No.1? She coloured the people's hair brown instead of black. Oh my God, what the hell is wrong with that? Why did the kindergarden teachers judge the entries by the colour of the hair? Just because most Asian has black coloured hair doesn't mean the kid's have to be restricted their creative mind and color the hair black, black and black only. Why there's nothing wrong with brown colored hair. The kids can even color the people's hair bright red, yellow or even green or blue. That kindergarden teachers need to know that we have something called "dye".

I pity my niece. She attends art classes, dancing classes, and tuision lessons. She's just 6. She should be enjoying her childhood at this age. Maybe i over reacted a little just because my niece didn't get No.1. Whatever.