Tuesday, November 30, 2004

How does going to work at 11a.m. sounds to you?

Dad went to bed very late last night. Watching TV, most probably. And the consequences of staying up late? Yup, you got it. He woke up at erm... about 11 p.m. this morning. Late for work? Hmm... Does it count if he just give the office a call and take leave?

Okay, i'm not saying here that my dad is lazy or anything like that. It's just sometimes people really envy my dad's job. It's not like he works in a big company, holds a high position or he's the apple of the boss' eye. He's just a Department Manager.

His department, actually has only 2 staffs. Him -the department manager- and his colleague -the assistant manager- are the only ones left in the department. Others were fired during some kind of company downsizing thingy some years ago. So you can imagine how much work he and his colleague have to do. Poor thing...

Maybe i should have bought him the Polo shirt he hinted for Father's day. Nah, he's probably forgotten about it already.