Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Googlism for: Vivian

I was reading papi's post and saw this Googlism thing. It was fun.

Googlism for: Vivian
-vivian is here

-vivian is only a short 30 minute drive from the shreveport/bossier area and has many attributes to offer anyone meandering into the locale
-vivian is portrayed as a seductress in her interactions with merlin
-vivian is now considered as endangered missing because of the mental condition of her abductor and the length of her kidnapping
-vivian is spokesperson for gamania online game
-vivian is shown to be ignored ( hey!!!)
-vivian is a native texan and a distinguished and much loved member of the dallas community to which she has contributed enormously as a journalist
-vivian is currently not singing or acting anymore and is enjoying her retirement
-vivian is a prostitute "just doing her job" ( WHAT!?!??!!?!!?)
-vivian is treated as more of an experiment than a human being
-vivian is "worth a stare" ( only? )
-vivian is a scatterbrained 15 year ( hmm...maybe next year)
-vivian is an active and outgoing person with a lot of energy and interests
-vivian is young and lovely ( oh yeah )
-vivian is the only girl in the family and her mother lives back on the east coast
-vivian is a hooker ( Not again!)