Saturday, November 06, 2004

Computer Fair

Spent the whole day in the Computer Fair at PWTC. The place was so crammed. There was, well, of course a lot of booths. There was even a Shell’s booth. Yeah, the Shell petrol’s booth, with banners and all but no salesmen. So I don’t know what the hell was the booth for. Dad and I weren’t looking particularly for notebooks or desktops. We were just browsing around since dad agreed to get a couple of Epson ink cartridges for my uncle. My uncle is so rich I don’t even know why he need to take the opportunity to buy ink cartridges from the fair, which most of the time offers things at lower price.

Dad and I didn’t buy anything. Though we did sign up for a TM Net Streamyx basic package. Dad is still considering whether to get the unlimited package or the 60 hours-only package. Hope he doesn’t change his mind and activate the account soon. Can’t wait to use Streamyx to download songs to my MP3 player. Actually, dad bought the MP3 cum memory drive in Taiwan. I doubt he meant to give it to me. The only reason he decided to give it to me is because the software that comes with that MP3 is in Chinese. Everything in the manual to the display screen is in Chinese, which means dad couldn’t use it ‘cos he doesn’t know Chinese. He can speak Chinese all right, but any words more complicated than 一,二,三 ( one, two, three) is beyond his knowledge of Chinese words.

Okay, back to the Computer Fair. I recalled a scene which I had a hard time refusing a gift from a salesgirl. She was trying to push a balloon into my hands and I well, thought it’ll be better if she give out the balloons to smaller kids who’ll need it much more than me. Okay, i admit it, didn’t want to look like a kid holding the balloon. I don’t even understand why she wouldn’t just leave me alone. I mean if a customer doesn’t want it, why do things by force? I’m not being unreasonable or anything. I politely said ‘no thanks’. Dunno what the hell is wrong with her. Bad hair day probably.

After the Computer Fair, we went to The Mall to have lunch. Then, as we were done with the food, paid and getting ready to leave, I spotted my paradise. A second-hand bookshop right in front of my eyes! It’s not PayLessBooks, but I thought no harm done just taking a look. Oh my God, there are so many books of my taste! I didn’t need 5 minutes to pick up 4 books of my choice. Then the awful truth dawned on me. 4 books cost about RM70! That amount, for second-hand books, compared to PayLess, is considered pretty expensive. So I had to drop 1 book to make the total sum RM50. But it’s okay, I’m satisfied with 3 books. It’ll occupy me while I go back to my mum’s hometown in Triang, Pahang tomorrow. And throughout the Church Camp ( I still have no idea what I’m going to do then. So maybe when they’re having those boring lectures, I can sneak out to read :-P).

Hope there will be no landslides along the Karak highway tomorrow.