Thursday, November 18, 2004

Balik kampung incident report-1

I finally get to go online again! I wasn't at home since last week. First I went to my mom's kampung ( hometown ) for a few days. Then, I was off to Port Dickson for the camp. Then, went back to my mom's hometown again for a couple of days. Should be back home yesterday, but had to stay back last minute 'cos my eldest aunt had to make a trip to an emergency ward.

Honestly, I nearly freaked out when I heard that my eldest aunt 'cannot get out from bed'. I thought she was unconscious or something worse. It turns out she was awake but cannot move. Kinda like paralyzed. Scared her 7 daughters and 1 son to death. Took her to the nearest hospital in Mentakab. After 3 injections and some medicines, she's back home.

6.30 p.m.
Having lunch with the whole big family. Mum, eldest aunt, 2nd aunt and her husband, 3rd aunt and her husband, 5th aunt and my nephew, to name a few. We damn near can't get a table big enough to accommodate that many people.

When everyone settled down, we noticed that my eldest aunt looked very weak. She even trembled when she was holding the spoon. Thus came the Q&A session to find out why is she so weak. Then the truth came out. She hadn't eat anything since a bowl of porridge at 10 o'clock in the morning. Oh my God! I seems that her children doesn't even care for her, letting her starve like that! Her husband? Oh right, he went to a wedding dinner.

After some noodles, her cheeks looked a bit rosier. We didn't keep her long in the restaurant. She needs a lot of rest, in my opinion.

Hmm... 8 children. One a bit of a retard ( A neighbour who was holding her when she was still a baby dropped her. She fell head first.) , 3 married, 1 studying in UM, 1 working in KL, the other 2 i'm not so sure. Apart from those who are not in Triang at the moment, every one of her chilren are responsible to take care of her. What were they doing when she was starving?