Saturday, October 30, 2004

Me at Patrouille de France Kuala Lumpur 2004!

Went to the Patrouille de France Kuala Lumpur 2004 this morning. ( Hmm... Why de Kuala Lumpur? I thought i went to Subang? )

Background of the Patrouille de France
First established in 1953, the "Patrouille de France" has as its principle mission to "open the eyes of the world to French military aeronautical professionalism". 60 million spectators in over 30 countries have witnessed the virtuosity of their flying.
Since 1953, 170 pilots followed one another totalized 2000 flying demonstrations and over 135000 flying hours. Each year the team takes part in 50 displays from April to October where the presentation is continually changed and updated. Hard work, dedication, efficiency and discipline are the keywords of this unit. Every manoeuvre is looked at in detail, first on the ground, then flown, and subsequently debriefed with the help of video recordings.
The airshow, also known as a "Series", is a dynamic combination of constantly changing formations, submitting the pilots to "G" forces from +7 to -3.5. Most appreciated are the passing reviews displaying the blue, white and red smoke trails.
All of their air shows are presented in the same fashion; the aircrafts take off and join up together in close formation manoeuvring between 120 and 300 Knots, changing formations in each figure. After the first "Bomb Burst", four aircrafts separate from the other aircrafts to begin a synchronized presantation. The two solos will also perform a series of crossing manoeuvres. Throughout the presentation, spectators can admire the talent of these pilots and fully appreciate the outstanding capabilities of the "Alphajet".

This is the first time I went into the Royal Malaysian Air Force. We civillians cannot go in without permission. My dad went in many times, not because he is in the Air Force, it's because he have to be there to service their Dental Clinic's stuff. Which is why it is a very rare opportunity that i can go into the TUDM ( Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia ) place.

The presentation was my first air aerobatics experience. And well, it was thrilling. But dad commented that it was "no standard". The aerobatics performance was okay. Dad went to an air aerobatics performance once in the US. Hence, the comment. The US one was much much much much bigger with much much much much more airplanes. And they in the US allowed people to go up the Hawks and every airplane on static display except a few really expensive ones. Whereas we in Malaysia have to keep a distance from the planes ( Or was it jets? I dunno the difference between the two. )

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