Friday, October 08, 2004

I'm Baaaaaaack!!!!

Ok, i don't want to. But someone kept reminding me to do something. So there goes.

(to avoid misunderstanding, pls refer to the August 26 post )

It's over!!! It's ALL OVER!!!!!

I'm so happy i'm speechless, or should it be blogless? Okay, here goes what happened in school while going through my PMR exams.

Most of it was just, you know, doing last minute revisions and all. What I want to talk about is the teachers ( pengawas ), who came from other schools.

About 90% of the teachers found it hard to smile at us. I politely said 'thank you' to the teachers who are giving out the papers, and i don't even get a smile in return. At least they should give some response. I remember there was one teacher who came in looking grim and scolded my friend for touching the question papers. Hell, the directions were 'jangan buka soalan sehingga diberitahu' (don't open the paper before told ), not 'jangan sentuh soalan sehingga diberitahu' (don't touch the paper before told ) !

There was just this one teacher, a male who came in the classroom grinning broadly at the PMR candidates. I don't know what put him in a good mood that day, but it was way better than the other teachers. The best part was, he was giving tips to the candidates. I mean, not exactly tips, but really pointing out answers to certain students. I know this isn't fair to other students. But imagine you're the one taking the exams, and you're fussing over this one question you read before in a reference book, but just can't seem to remember exactly what the answer is, would you appreciate it if a teacher pointed out the answer for you? Several of my friends were lucky enough to get hints from the teacher, sadly, I didn't get any. But on the bright side, maybe i got most of the answers correct and he doesn't need to give me any tips, right?

Life is just great after the exam. But i'm still pretty busy. Reading... Blogging... Surfing...etc.etc. I'm even thinking of repainting my house, cos' my dad has been into a lot of house development stuff lately.