Sunday, August 01, 2004

Life forms on Saturn

A few weeks ago, I heard Rudy and JLo ( morning crew) saying that scientists found life on the rings of Saturn. Not exactly intelligent life forms, only things like bacteria. But this is enough for me to say that, if we can find life on Saturn’s rings, no doubt we can find intelligent life forms in other parts of the universe. It’s just a matter time when we’ll find them.

I have been participating in SETI@Home
since I found out about it two years ago. Now, my computer runs a background program whenever I’m using the computer. I’m thinking of getting a new computer with more power so that I can leave my computer running 24/7 while analyzing the data, without my computer breaking down.

I know that it is probably a miracle that life was formed on Earth, cos’ you know, everything have to fit, like there cannot be too much oxygen, and the temperature must be just right etc etc. But not necessarily life needs what human needs to form. Probably life out there inhales carbon monoxide, not oxygen. Or maybe they need 10 sun-like stars around them to keep them warm enough to survive.

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