Saturday, August 07, 2004

Four Lebanese truck drivers missing in Iraq

From The-Star:

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Four Lebanese truck drivers are missing in Iraq, the Foreign Ministry said Friday.

Contacts are under way to find out whether the four have been kidnapped, a ministry official said, speaking on customary condition of anonymity.

The official said the four were driving separate trucks, and all had not been heard of for more than 24 hours.

He gave no further details.

There are now five Lebanese citizens missing in Iraq. Earlier this week, gunmen snatched Lebanese businessman Antoine Antoun in a Baghdad street. His fate is not known.

Another Lebanese hostage, Vladimir Damaa, was freed unharmed this week when Iraqi police raided his kidnappers' hideout in an operation that ended with the arrest of three terror suspects.

Other Lebanese have been kidnapped and released in Iraq this year, sometimes after the payment of ransom. At least one Lebanese hostage was killed. - AP

-Oh no....not again...