Saturday, August 07, 2004

BookCrossing...luv it!

Noticed the Haloscan is still not working? I tried everything, but the f***ing comment thing still doesn't work. Thanks to Andy and Papi anyway, though I still haven't figured it out.

Okay, forget it. I'm going to talk about something happy today.

So, August 4 2004. Two days ago. Not exactly NEWs.

The cute postman dropped two very thick envelopes on my house porch when I just arrived home from school. And they were addressed to me. No surprises here. But I was really happy to get the letters, ah... ok, books. It was the first two books I ever got since joining BookCrossing. Two Stephen King books, in fact.

The Stand
Rose Madder

I finished Rose Madder already, so it's available. But i'm going to take ages reading The Stand. Man, they're thick. 1421 pages, imagine that!

Due to trial exams just around the corner, I may not be able to blog as much as I like, cos' mum and dad is keeping their eyes on me.