Thursday, July 29, 2004

Worse Than Going To School

I thought today would be a great day cos' i don't have classes today, even though it's not a school holiday. My class--3C was specially chosen to attend a ceramah (i'm not sure if it's called lecture or seminar). It came as a surprise, cos' none of us thought we would be chosen. I mean, we're not the best class there is, we're not the worst either, and certainly not anything special, apart from we're famous because of the silence in our class. There'll be pin-drop silence in our class even if no teachers are around. Every teacher who taught us complained about us giving no responses when they asks questions. So I don't think it is something to be proud of.

Back to the seminar, or whatever you call it. There were representives from UTM, UiTM, and UPM here in SMK Meru, Klang to explain about the courses and faculties offered in their universities, and emphasizing on the benefits of majoring in Science and Technology. They look quite inexperienced to me, cos' i don't think they managed to get all the students interested. Their speeches were long and boring. So i don't blame my friend for not paying attention to the lecturers. Grace and Voon Huey kept themselves busy by discussing about some dance they're going to practice after the seminar, Nusyairah was reading ghost stories, Yin Hann was listening to F.I.R on her walkman, Su Harn checked Shi Xian's inbox messages on her cellphone, Siew Teng actually brought her reference book and was doing Geography revisions...

I was listening to the lecturers all right... while trying hard to control the motorcycle on Syairah's Motorola cellphone, to kill time. Then a big opportunity came for me to escape from the lecture hall. I joined my friends for a trip to the school's washroom.

The washroom is not exactly spotless but it certainly doesn't give out foul odours, like many public washrooms do. I grade it a 5 out of 10. None of us feel like going back to the lecture hall after relieving ourselves. So we decided to take a look at the school's amenities. Not bad really. they have labu sayong and all sorts of plants on display all over the school. The school field is big and their classrooms are at least thrice larger than my school's. I took a peek into their Bilik Jahitan and Bengkel which is very well equipped. Nice lanscape too. Then i walked past their other washrooms meant for their own students only, urgh... It was nothing like the one we used just now. These looks filthy and dark without lights on. It seems to me no one bothered to clean the washrooms since like, a decade ago. No kidding. I wouldn't be surprised if girls came running out of the washrooms screaming like hell because they just stepped on dead cockroaches. My impression of this school will definitely be judged by the washrooms.

Just days ago, during the assembly on Monday, our own headmaster rated our girls' washroom a 3 star. My friend told me something totally unexpected. Her aunt came to our school one day and noticed a beautiful small building. At first sight, she thought it is the school's meeting room. But then, students shouldn't be going in and out of the meeting room like it's their house. So she tought it is probably the school's library. When she approached the building, the truth dawned on her that it is actually the school's washroom. View my school here.

So, back to the seminar again. We spent another few hours getting tortured by the lecturers mentioning the fees if you're going to take Nursing or earning a degree in Aerospace and things like that. What has it to do with me anyway? I'm only Form 3. I shouldn't be worrying about colleges and universities until Form 5. Finally the seminar ended at around 1.30p.m.(can you believe we were there since 7.40a.m.?) and we get to board our bus to go back to school, and get back home. The moral of this story is: Never think that it is fortunate to be chosen to represent your school. I'm the best example to support this statement.